Bookmaker business comes to life after a covidal shock

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If the world does not catch the second wave of the pandemic, the domestic betting industry will be able to "pump up" the muscles again by the end of the first quarter of 2021.In the fall of 2020, the legal British bookmakers are entering into an effort to restore as quickly as possible the turnover that existed before the Coronavirus Pandemic and the suspension of all sports competitions last spring.

The resumption of soccer tournaments in July-August contributed to the gradual return of players to BC and, consequently, increased the volume of bets.

After the catastrophic fall of business indicators (by 75-85%) in spring and early summer the return of big sport became a very timely support for bookmakers' offices.In July-August national top-leagues on soccer, Champions League, play-offs in NBA and NHL started. People started to bet on sports again, and the industry began to show signs of life after a month long peak. If earlier the end of summer was a standard period of off-season, the fall of the volume of bets and preparation of bookmakers for the autumn surge, now, on the contrary, was a salvation for the industry.

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Had quarantine measures not been relaxed and sports competitions still remained banned, many betting offices would probably have been in danger of bankruptcy by early autumn.In order to finally recover and reach an acceptable level of business profitability, most legal operators would need time around the end of the first quarter of 2021.

And this is on the condition that the world sport will not pause again in case of a second wave of coronavirus and a new tightening of quarantine measures.Now British licensed BCs are looking forward to the start of the new season in the leading national championships of Europe on soccer, as well as a new draw of European Cups. Rich in sports autumn, I hope for a progressive movement of offices to restore business indicators.

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